Sound of Silence

According to a number of Inspirational Authors and Speakers, the answers are provided in a Book which Lori is writing, categorized as Inspirational Nonfiction, with true crime elements, and a Working Title of SOUND OF SILENCE: Shining the Light on an American Police Family. Slated for release in October of 2020, the mystery behind the tragedy is written in her Book, and provides insight about how this incident occurred, and also reveals Lori's need to eliminate the rage which lives inside of the word tragedy, and to come out on the other side with inspiration for herself, her Family, victims of crime, for Law Enforcement Families struggling with trauma and pain, and for anyone who has ever been a receiver of injustice of any kind; to understand they no longer have to fall prey to feeling victimized--they, too, no longer have to Hide the Light.

Lastly, Lori's dedication to providing an honorable legacy for her late Father is showcased throughout her Book, and through many national media outlets and platforms in which she continues to be interviewed and in which she participates. She has become a national public figure, revered for her courage to solve the mystery and close the Book on a 4-decades old story, and create a new, inspiring Chapter for many to follow, one which includes the power of forgiveness, grace, peace, healing, and mercy. The invitations for Lori's public appearances to be a Keynote Speaker at Events about Empowerment continue to be extended to her.