Can something so tragic turn your life around? The resounding answer would be that it absolutely can, and has, and for the good and grace of my own life and that of my late Father's legacy, a Law Enforcement Officer shot in-the-line-of-duty, and whose perpetrator eluded authorities for 44 years until I located his whereabouts all by myself, and went to the authorities with my findings.

Make no mistake. This was not a case of vigilante justice. On the contrary, it was 4 decades of pain for my Family and me, and a simple question: How could justice not prevail, particularly where a Law Enforcement Officer and his Family had fallen victim to a system, by design, that was supposed to 'Protect the Protector'? A system that where the scales of justice were supposed to be balanced, instead of leaving a legacy for a Hero who was all but forgotten, and his Family, who was left with so many plaguing questions and a puzzle with so many missing pieces.
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