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This past March 15, 2022, marked the 50th anniversary of the reign of terror inflicted on the people of one working-class neighborhood in central Ohio named Walnut Heights and the police officer who was shot trying to save them. He was my father. I am his daughter who went searching for his killer.

After living a life 'on the lam' for 44 years and eluding authorities nationwide during that period of time, in August of 2016, it was my own search that resulted in the apprehension of this cowardly, violent, and evil criminal who shot my late dad.

You can't imagine how many times my own life was in danger during the 5 years it took me to investigate every thread of the real story. Riddled with the glaring, unspeakable accounts of greed, brutal savagery, buried secrets, and gross, nefarious, and intentional acts of cover-ups and corruption, I've uncovered them all. They go way back to when my dad was shot in March of 1972, up to these last 5 years. And they've come in every shape, form, level of government, elected positions, appointed positions, from regular patrol cops to members of the rank and file, to local judges and federal judges, and so many more.

You'll also learn about how I ran into a KKK rally while I was searching for the madman responsible for shooting my dad, and the racist participants who taunted me while they thought about kidnapping and killing me. Reading about the times I was followed, run off the road, and when I captured two men on camera behind my house, watching me like a pair of creeping, peeping toms, you'll wonder who or how many went to such great lengths to try to scare me into silence.

Almost unbelievable, you'll learn about a judge who spent more than 3 hours at our home in 2020, rifling through records it had taken me 4 years for which I had to fight, and the threat he made when he walked out our front door. Along with how all of our electronic devices had been compromised, you'll come to understand how one crime scene photo was altered by a current commander within The Columbus Division of Police, but in spite of his tampering with evidence, it will always remain THE photo that became paramount to solving nearly this entire puzzle of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Karma!

So ride the roller coaster of high-speed thrills and chills in this one-of-a-kind true story, sure to make you fasten your seatbelts. Buckle up, everyone!
"The Sound of Silence"
by Author Lori Cooper

ISBN 978-1-913206-39-0