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Lori Cooper is a published writer and the daughter of a late Columbus, Ohio Police Officer shot in the line of duty in 1972 at the age of 29, and whose perpetrator eluded authorities for 44 years until her own search resulted in his apprehension. The perpetrator was the ringleader of a trio of career burglars who committed home invasions before such crimes had ever taken-on the term.

Lori's story has been featured by hundreds of news organizations, catapulting her to success as an expert law enforcement and victim's rights advocate. She now writes for law enforcement media groups and is a highly-acclaimed guest across all platforms of communication by publication or the broadcast news medium nationwide.

A Comprehensive Social Studies Major, Lori attended Ohio University, where her Major allowed her the ability to advance her knowledge in a more concentrated way, especially in the subject areas of political science, governmental policy, social and political philosophy, and history. She minored in English.

Throughout Lori's Memoir, you'll recognize various points where the ability to circumvent an entire judicial system is at issue, with politicians who helped to advance that cause, effectively allowing a career criminal who would become a cop killer to roam the country committing more crimes. Additionally, through the ability to know that a critical crime scene photo had been tampered with by a high-ranking public official after she'd seen the original, Lori began to create a list of antiquated laws that would never help a victim, even if that victim had been a law enforcement officer or one of his family members. She knew that some of the existing laws had to be changed, and created a list of statutes, laws currently in effect in Ohio with penalties that favored the criminal over the victim, even when the criminal act had been performed by a commanding police officer.

She documented everything that had occurred throughout her investigation of the heinous crimes against her late father, along with those by which she was affected that you'll read in her book. Through her attempts to report issues of tampering with evidence, malfeasance, and other matters to the city's highest leaders, she was met with continued cover-ups. She then went to her State Senator, where together, they drafted legislation which has now become Senate Bill 39. It has been introduced before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Senate Floor and awaits second proponent testimony, which Lori is fully prepared to deliver. Once she and her State Senator, Tim Schaffer, pass this Bill, which will also be called "COOPER'S LAW" in honor of her late father, she intends to address the issues of enforcement of these new laws with city leaders.

As part of Lori's advocacy work, she wants all of us to be aware of the rising tide of child abuse on social media and has provided us with a link for educational purposes and your awareness, something she recognizes is extremely important for all of us to learn and to be as informed about this danger as we can be. The link is below:

The rising tide of child abuse content on social media

For Victim's Help Organizations

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lori here at lorikauble@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!